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If you purchased your used vehicle from a new car franchised dealer as a “certified pre-owned” used vehicle, then you can enjoy many of the same California lemon law benefits as the new car purchaser. These factory-sponsored “CPO” (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles come with a written warranty backed by the automobile manufacturer. Even if your car, truck, or van is out of the manufacturer’s original “new vehicle limited warranty,” you still have California lemon law protection during the extended “certified pre-owned” warranty period. Our experienced professionals know your rights under the California lemon law with a “CPO” vehicle.

The warranties (warranty means a promise) of most Certified Pre-Owned sales, promise that the car is “like new,” is without hidden problems or history, and has been completely refurbished. It is surprising how often these CPO cars are badly damaged, prior wrecks, prior rental cars, etc.

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